Cummins Generator

Dealing with 4 different branches of business, Cummins is playing an active role with its diesel and natural gaz engines in the areas of Bus, truck, construction equipments, mine and marine industries. It is beyond dispute that Cummins is leader  with its wide and relaibale service nets, spare part production and marketing  in the areas that it is giving service. Cummins is also leader in the international markets with its jenerator segment which is betweeen diesel or alternative fuel system and tahrikli 10-3325 kVA. We as OtoBasar also perform the sales of Cummins Jenerators.

The new Towing vehicle of BMC will be in the market in 2014.

BMC is working on the new models that will be promoted to both for internal and export markets. As the most common company regarding heavy duty vehicles with its professional series of vehicles in both internal and export markets, BMC is getting ready to promote a new towing vehicle to the market.

The photos of the vehicle that are taken during different road, load, and seasonal grounds appeared in the market. It is remarked in the photos that the new vehicle has wider and higer cabin and more dynamic structure than the other BMC Professional series towing vehicles.

The new product is expected  to gain competitive strength for BMC in export markets with its comfort and security standarts which will provide the requested market share in the internal market.

This product will lead BMC to a new line in the commercial heavy vehicle market, with its economic fuel, driving security, auxillary driving equipment, cabin comfort as well as system and equipments.

BMC displayed 7 vehicles in the Busworld Turkey Expo.

Being one of the biggest commercial and private vehicle manufacturer in Turkey, with its 100% domestic capital and manpower, design,r&d, engineering, production, sales and after sales services,    BMC presented 7 vehicles in the Busworld 2012 expo which is one of the major expos regarding the bus world.

R&D is being formed according to the needs.

BMC general manager Mr. Turgut Cankilic expressed their  proud of celebrating 47. Anniversary of BMC and added that they manufactured vehicles over 700 configurations  to be used for cargo and passenger transportation. Cankilic went on telling BMC, with its vision of keeping world brand image, exports over 80 countries mainly EU countries. BMC reflects its dynamic and renovative understanding to R& D and design activities, concerning the passenger transportation vehicles. Based on the customer needs the company forms the buses  with 3 D design and engineering analyzing support, as 7.5m-9m-10m-12m-18m length solo and articulated,single or double structures, diesel-CNG with natural gas-hybrid buses.    BMC has the capacity to produce 1800 buses annually with its rapid and flexible production structure.

BMC gives service with 35 distributors , 135 authorized services, 170 autorised spare part sellers in Turkey , and 37 distributors and services abroad 20 of which is in Europe.

Also during the meeting held on the Press Day Busworld 2012, M Togan Yazicioglu the Sales and Marketing Manager of BMC , presented the the vehicles in the expo to the native and foreign press members.

Below are the 7 vehicles that BMC promoted in Busworld Turkey 2012.